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Saturday, November 19th, 2022 1:14 AM

Why does AT&T refuse to run your fiber line the way you want them too in your house and refuse to put the 320 fiber modem in the garage?

As a customer, I feel like I am paying for a service and as the owner of my house, I shall be able to choose how to run the fiber to my house and where I choose to land that fiber within my property. I was told that if the fiber had to be buried even though the box that they run from is 30 inches from my utilities pole underground.  I asked to have my fiber ran aerial up my utility pole and it was refused by the att fiber installer. I agree to have it buried after multiple attempts as I will be digging and did want to worry about cutting my fiber line.  Just because you know it there, accident do happen.  So I just agreed to have it buried but wait, there more.  I have a box enclosure with a fan for the heat and humidity.  This enclosure is in the back of garage.  I was told that the 320 fiber modem had to be in the house (not the attic or garage) as I do not want it in the house. I have other network equipment in my garage.  Again, I feel like I am forced to do something I do not want to do and so I asked to have the tech involved the manager and he stated no via text to put the modem in the garage. So, now the tech is having the manager come out to approve placing the modem in my garage and rescheduled my fiber install.   I understand that I probably should not put it in the attic and I informed the tech that it not like I am asking to place the modem in the attic. So, it seems obviously that att wants my money but it becoming ridiculous that I as the customer can't choose to run the fiber line to my house or choose where to place the modem.  I am going to turn off the WiFi and use it only a s a gateway modem.  Any advice on what to say or do or what's my opinion when this manager comes to approve or not approve my modem location. I have a friend that did fiber install for att and he said you as the customer should have the right on how you want to run the fiber install and the right to place the modem wherever I choose as a paying customer.  He stated the manager looks bad when the tech had to reschedule over and over on a new install. My friend told me that the modem shut itself down for its protection if it get really hot but as long as the heat can get out and there a fan, it shouldn't be a problem. 

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1 year ago

Techs are encouraged if not required to keep the install simple. Running aerial fiber when underground utilities are in use would require a linesman at high cost to att and be denied. Placing gateways in Unconditional space is not encouraged due to device failure. 

Yes you are buying the service but any isp will not install to a customers wants if it’s too expensive for the isp. 

Best to hire a contractor like an electrician to run conduit within the home to allow install per your desire. 

Contractor may advise not using the garage for modem location either. 

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