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Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 1:02 PM

Not Getting Full Speeds

Before I moved to my new home two years ago, my Fiber 1000 speeds were as expected - 950/950. Since moving, my speeds are sometimes as high as 800, but they're typically 600/300. Everything is hardwired with CAT6 cable and i7 computers with 16GB RAM. They're the same computers that easily achieved full speed at my prior home. My frustration is that none of my neighbors is reporting the problem. They're getting the full speed. Based on some research a network engineer in my area did, I have a routing issue somewhere between my home and the AT&T server. The problem might be solved as easily as changing my IP address, but AT&T adamantly refuses to do so. 


What should I do? Complain until AT&T gets tired of me? 


Bonus question: My fiber line is laying on top of the ground. I've asked AT&T for two years to bury it. They ignore me. Suggestions?

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