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Friday, December 31st, 2021 2:08 AM


New Home Construction With Fiber Internet and DirecTV

I’m having a new home built and want to get AT&T fiber to the house as well as have my DirecTV reinstalled (existing customer for both and I believe the AT&T fiber junction is at the corner of my new property).  I am installing Cat6 in the house for my hardwired network and plan to install a structured media panel centrally located in my walkout basement on the stairway wall leading from the first floor down to the basement.  This stairway wall (and media panel location) is probably around 30 feet from the outside wall where the AT&T fiber will likely enter the house.  I’m not a sure about where the DirecTV will enter the house but it’s probably a distance of 45 feet or so once it goes down the side of the house and to the media panel.

I’d like to be able to have the DirecTV folks do the install before the house is fully complete (before siding is on) so I don’t have holes drilled in siding and stuff like that.  Also with both the DirecTV and AT&T fiber internet, I want to run everything to the media panel before signals go out to the rooms.  Right now I have a lot of flexibility because nothing is finished so I can move things that may not suit where the installer may need it to be.  How do I make sure things are where they need to be and routed properly?  What recommendations can anyone provide so I can do this properly before the house is fully completed instead of after the house is done and I have to drill holes in siding, drywall, etc.?

*also posting on DTV site to get feedback on installation of satellite.

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2 years ago

Recommend taking to you electrical contractor for low voltage wiring… if they do not perform this type of work perhaps they can suggest a company that does.

Would not have a DirecTv or Uverse tech dispatched until ready for installation / activation. As desire wiring prior need to hire someone to install the cat6 and coax wiring. May want to include tubing with pull string for the fiber. 

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2 years ago

I had 1/2 pvc conduit installed at my fiber entry point when my house was built. ONT and gateway located nearby and cat 6 runs to my network closet. I’ve always read to not use 90 degree turns for the conduit the fiber will be pulled through. You may want to talk to a network wiring specialist about your network design. I wished I had, would have been a better plan than mine. 

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