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Get superfast AT&T Fiber internet
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Sunday, September 24th, 2023 12:58 PM

Need AT&T internet

I have been trying for 4 years now or longer to get AT&T fiber on my road, people all around us has the AT&T fiber internet expect for us. The internet I have now is not good, I work from home and it’s so slow and lags a lot, my son can’t play his play station, we can’t watch our shows on our Roku. I really need a dependable internet and I have had AT&T in the past and I would love to have it again!  What can I do!!?

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3 months ago

The best and fastest way for ATT fiber is relocation to one of the 25 million addresses where the service is currently available.

Does ATT currently offer hardwired service to your address?

If yes, what speed tier?

There is about 2 years remaining of the 10 year (2016-2025) direct fiber FTTP buildout which will add 5+ million addresses to the existing total for 30+ million by end 2025. This represents 50% of all Uverse platform addresses that were upgraded during Uverse buildout from 2006 to end 2015 which had 33 million FTTN with current speeds of 100, 75, 50, 25 AND 24 million ADSL2+ addresses (internet 18 or less) PLUS estimated 3+ million new construction since 2016. 

Note if 50% of Uverse addresses are being upgraded to FTTP means 50% or another 30+ million will not be upgraded by start 2026. Earlier this year ATT AIR was released for select addresses, this is FTTCT or Fiber To The Cell Tower with self install of new equipment, speeds 40-100+, unlimited data, around $60 per month. ATT AIR is FWA or Fixed Wireless Access product similar to offerings from some others such as T-Mobile and Verizon.

Conclusion there is no guarantee your address will or will not receive fiber by 2026, for guarantee requires relocating to existing fiber address. Remaining options include consider other ISP such as cable, satellite from one of three providers, FWA from different provider or WISP Fixed Wireless from a local provider.

Enter your zip code to find ISPs that service the zip code, may not service your address…

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3 months ago

Well, the thing is I called last week and one of the agents lied to me about technician coming out to my house to see about running the fiber internet and said she will put in a ticket, well the ticket was never put in, (none of the tickets in the past 4 years  I was  told that was being put in was never put in and I never got the ticket numbers to call and check on) your AT&T agents have lied to me. I am not happy about it and for your agents to tell me when they pull my number up no tickets have been made doesn’t make matters better, my phone service is with att and I want my internet to be with att and none of the agents are helpful. 

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3 months ago

We understand the importance of having a high speed internet connection @MercyB. Let's get the answers you need.


The internet speeds depend on your current plan. You can browse our Internet Plans and select the one that suits you.


In regards with Fiber Internet, please Check availability at your address. If not available, subscribe to "Notify Me". Also, you can contact our Internet team at 833.330.0714, explain them briefly regarding the fiber installation. Please note if fiber is available in your area one of our technician will come out and help you with fiber installation.


Hope this helps!


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3 months ago

What speeds are available at your house?

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