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Friday, September 15th, 2023 2:51 PM

I cut my fiber cable.

I am replacing my house fence. Att ran the fiber optic cable right around my fence post 2 inches deep. While pulling my old fence post out I cut the cable. I feel this was a totally unacceptable place to run the cable. I do not feel responsible for the lousy placement of this cable. Will I be charged for this repair? And if so how much? And do I have any recourse in reimbursement for the repair cost? I do have att insurance.

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3 months ago

800-288-2020 to schedule a tech dispatch, expect dispatch to be $99.

The question is will you be billed for the burial which is separate from the service call ..


Did you call 811 and have wiring located before digging?

IDEALLY wiring should be buried in the easement which in our area is 6 feet on either side of adjoining property line... a few inches from fence is in the easement and in my view better than being further from the fence if wanting to place a flower bed, garden, plant tree. Why calling 811 is a good ideal, no 811 call expect charge(s) for damages.

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