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Get superfast AT&T Fiber internet

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Saturday, September 5th, 2020 7:58 PM


High Speed internet service

200 yards from my home is a school that has AT&T fiber internet service. I would like to know if I can have that service extended to my home - I am prepared to pay the costs to do so. We live on a rural road with no other houses between me and the school. I am an existing customer with AT&T phone service to my home that runs underground along the same road.


Who can I speak to regarding this situation?



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3 years ago

No it is not as simple as extending Fiber to your home from the school. And there is no one that you can talk to about making this happen.


At this point if you want Fiber service you will have to contact business sales and have them quote you a price for dedicated Fiber service to your address.


It will not be cheap and will require a multi-year contract for a rate of $500-$1500 per month.



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3 years ago

And 10 dollars per foot to lay fiber plus permits 

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1 year ago


As you are living in a rural area, I believe fixed wireless internet designed exclusively for rural areas might help you better. Fixed internet service is also a high-speed internet. 

The other option is to try dedicated internet access from AT&T, which is again a very high-speed internet. 

You can reach out to AT&T customer support at 855.428.4935

Hope this helps!

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