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Saturday, January 28th, 2023 7:17 PM

Fiber installation delayed for over 4 weeks now.

Long story short: we keep getting techs sent out who don’t know our situation, then we are told the engineering team is working on it, but have no clear explanation for what the problem is. Does anyone know of a direct line I can call to get some reassurance regarding the progress, or some compensation for using up all of my mobile hotspot?? I got 10GB added at no extra cost because of this situation but it’s not going to last me until my new cycle on the 4th.

Long story not short: We had an easy installation in the house (new build) but it was not able to be connected outside the house, I was told it was too far away down the road. This was January 7th, which was a reschedule after our Dec 29th appointment was cancelled.

Since then, I have gotten automated messages indicating the issue has been resolved and to reschedule. I have had three other technicians (so 4 total now) come to my house under the impression that I was getting a brand new installation. Upon learning that our house is wired and good to go but not connected, they have each told me they would forward it on to the engineers.

Yesterday I received my 5th prompt to reschedule, which I replied to. I got a text back that there was an error, and a link to the website to troubleshoot.

We called support and they were very concerned about the fact that we have 25+ notes in relation to this delay. They mentioned something about damaged fiber by construction in our area. It was off-handed and I still have no idea if that is truly contributing to our delay. All I called for was to ask to reschedule but they insisted I would be contacted. I have yet to be contacted again for another appointment.

Is there maybe a particular number I could call to request more information/updates? My sleep schedule has been disrupted due to all of these appointments (I work nights, I schedule 2pm appointments, technicians show up at 2-3 hours early), I cannot fully move into my home because we cannot set up our home office and living room electronics and use them… We just haven’t gotten any definitive answers but keep having to set aside time to be told there is nothing they (the technician) can do.

My partner in particular was frustrated enough to request Spectrum come out and do an install. They did the exact same thing, said yup we’re sending a technician out, but then the tech gets here and tells us it’s more complicated—they won’t be able to do anything until Feb 10.

Are new developments always a headache with this sort of thing?

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1 year ago

Scrolled down after seeing I got this successfully posted and stumbled upon two more very relevant threads:

Here’s one and here’s another.

Sounds like nobody communicates and there is a continuous run-around. No number to call to get any real answers. No definitive reasons for delays.

It is incredibly disappointing to see my situation is very common and also could be a problem for multiple months. Perhaps going with a different internet provider is going to be less of a headache. We’ll see what happens with Spectrum on Feb 10.

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