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Friday, September 15th, 2023 6:19 PM

Att technician never showed up

I made an appointment to get att fiber installed. It was confirmed to happen between 8-10am. They never showed up. I called 800.288.2020 and they told me that they never assigned a technician for my appointment (?!) They said not to worry that they would call back in 5-10minutes and for sure it would happen today. I called back an hour later. They said they would put a ticket in and they were sorry etc etc but it would still happen today. It's already 2pm and no one has called or shown up. Very disappointed.

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3 months ago

Job not assigned is on DISPATCHER for the area… the more likely is job was assigned but the tech called out for the day (sick, accident, family issue, etc) leaving more work than techs can cover. Thus more work than remaining techs can handle thus hoping for some to cancel their appointment.

In general techs are working 10 hours per day (6) days a week with minimum expectation of 54 hours per week.

If an area (market) has 100 techs scheduled for the day, taking (4) jobs per tech or 400 jobs per day. If (2) tech call out , still have 98 techs working but 8 jobs not covered.

With company desire of 1 million fiber installs per year or 250,000 per quarter within 21 state footprint. That is an average of 2750 installs every day, 365 days per year including Sundays and holidays…. Likely 3200 fiber installs (6) days a week. 

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3 months ago

Totally understand things happen but I also have a job I have to call out from to be present. So it would have been great to be given notice which did not happen. Also did I not mention in this in my post but this is the second time this happens. Someone was supposed to come earlier this week. No one showed up. No one called to update. 

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