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Thursday, March 16th, 2023 12:17 AM

ATT tech installer keep coming to my address and then cancelling the install a month later. (3 times so far)

As seen below in the image, Ive had 3 installations cancelled. One isnty listed anymore for some reason.

In all 3 cases the installer shows up and says that they have to get the construction team out to my apartment complex because they added the ATT box but never finished routing it to each apartment. My apartment building has 8 apartments. Every other apartment building in the community has ATT fully accessible. The tech says that they must have forgotten to finish the installation at our building and calls their supervisor then tells me the supervisor will have the construction team come out within the next 2 weeks to finish wiring to each apartment then reschedule my installation appoint after that.

A month passes, then the status of my tech install changes to cancelled and nothing ever happens. When I call support they have no idea what im talking about and just want to schedule another appointment. When I tell them that if they send an installer out the same thing is just going to happen again. I ask for a supervisor then I get disconnected.

This is pretty much my last ditch effort at getting this resolved somehow. If ATT isnt available they should just tell me that rather than constantly offering to send another installer out to have the same thing happen again.

I don't know how effective these forums are but hopefully it reaches someone who can resolve this.

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6 months ago

We're here to shed light on your internet install, @udinthrik!


This is certainly not the experience that we want our customers to have! Allow us, here in the Community Forums, to turn this around for you.


Due to the nature of your concern, we will need to move this conversation into a direct message. This way we can access your account to see what is going on with your installation. Be on the lookout for a chat icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page, next to the bell icon.


We look forward to speaking with you!


CalebP, AT&T Community Specialist 

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