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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 1:34 PM


If using AT&T's VPN, can ATT see browsing history or retain data or store logs?



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3 months ago

Are you referring to a VPN hosted by ATT? I'm not familiar with them offering that service, but if they do, rest assured, they are tracking everything you do.

With any VPN service, the provider does have the ability to snoop on your traffic. A properly configured VPN can prevent your ISP from seeing what you are up to.

I am not sure what your use case is, but DNS over TLS/HTTPS will at least provide a layer of protection against spying ISPs and any other network operator in the middle from seeing what sites you are visiting. This does not protect peer to peer connections.  This also requires a layer of trust with the DNS provider.  In my opinion, Cloudflare and Quad-9 are both good choices.

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