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Sunday, April 5th, 2020 1:53 PM

Two questions 1 about ping in SE MI - 1 about how to set up WoL from outside the LAN

So the first question is short. Ive been conferring with some users on the dslreports forum and people from my area are all reporting the same thing. Identical timeframes as well.

Last summer I was getting 1-2ms pings. As of last fall they jumped 4-5 fold to 9-12ms and havent changed since. While the ping is still good, the fact that everyone is seeing this universally and under the same timeframe makes me wonder what changed and why. As irrespective of both being good pings, one would prefer the former.

The less open ended question, wake on lan.

I have the Arris BGW210-700. I noticed that since i obtained service, my external IP has yet to change. This eliminates the need (for now) for me to get into how a DDNS operates as ive never used one and it adds another layer of complication on top of something ive yet to set up.

I have Wake on lan working fine within the network from various mediums. Simply pointing to the workstations IP + mac address and thats that.

Coming from outside the network I gather you have to use the external IP, then have the router set up in such a way that it forwards those packets to the broadcast IP or something along those lines.

Can someone explain to me if this is able to be done with my gateway, and if so how to set it up? trying to work my way up to remote access from outside the network, remote shutdown etc. But i gather things of this nature require being able to connect an external port, with an internal port and it seems this gateway is lacking that feature. Also lacking UPNP so it leaves one hamstrung in many situations.

Still my networking is extremely rudimentary so any help would be appreciated.

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3 years ago

Hey, @klepp0906, we understand how complex networking can seem, we're here to help make it simple!

As far as your first question, what could cause ping to increase over over the course of a season, there's any number of things that could be responsible. There could have been more users installed on the same line as you, therefor taking up some of the speeds that could have been going to the other users on the line, this may be the most likely scenario.


For your second question, how to set up WoL from outside the LAN, Wake on LAN is not something that should be used outside of a local network, at least not with our router. Our router isn't designed to save the ARP packets needed to reliably and continuously use WoL outside of your local network, since the needed packets generally get cleared out every few minutes. If you really wanted to look into using this feature from outside your local network, we'd recommend you try doing some research into if this feature can be easily supported on other routers. You could also check out this discussion from another community member about Wake On LAN for a much more in depth telling of this feature.


Let us know if this helps!


Ramses, AT&T Community Specialist





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excellent. thank you for the information as far as wake on lan goes.

the ping thing, assuming load was the obvious/easy answer but since its effecting many from SE michigan nowhere near the node that would feed my neighborhood, and under the same exact timeframe, the general consensus is some kind of routing change on your side around that time.

plus with a jump 5-10 fold i can pin down to the exact month...


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Hey there, @klepp0906!


There are multiple reasons you could be experiencing this.


It could be that a route has changed, or there is more traffic to the network since the time you first signed up.


If your device has multiple processes or needs to be updated, this would also result in a higher latency. 


However, are you seeing any type of performance issues on your end besides the ping change?


Let us know, so we can further assist you with troubleshooting. We look forward to hearing back from you!


Donovan, AT&T Community Specialist

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