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Monday, September 18th, 2023 9:53 PM

Placement of Gateway in New House

We are building a new house and I am looking for advice on the proper placement of the port / gateway. The house will be on a slab so I would like to get this resolved prior to drywall being installed.  First of all, can the gateway be placed inside a cabinet or would that adversely affect the range? Is a wifi extender necessary? The house is a 1900 square foot ranch.  Thanks!

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3 months ago

If you are using a mesh Wi-Fi system the gateway can be in a cabinet. If you are early enough in the building/plans, consult a low voltage contractor. Put at least 2 ethernet connections in every room where a tv, computer or might be. Terminate all the cables in a central location where the fiber can easily be run to. Power will need to be there. 4 outlets.  If you want all wireless in the house, you will need a mesh Wi-Fi system. Not Att extenders. 1900 square feet on one level will be hard to cover. Gateway should be centrally located and in the open if you don’t want Ethernet ports in the room's. You should put Ethernet ports in the house. 



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3 months ago

Placing a gateway in a cabinet is okay if there is some amount of air that can cool off the unit. So placing it in a small cabinet with a shelf above and below and not alot of space to a back wall and front door is not the best for the unit.


If you are using metal studs, you will likely have decreased Wi-Fi coverage due to interference (whether it is in a closet or not). Same thing can be said for metal shelving.

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