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Thursday, September 17th, 2020 8:28 PM

Internet outage, down for 24+ hours??

Get your stuff together AT&T. Why has there been a service outage in our area for that long when literally no major disaster has happened near me? Zip code 39047. Give us a reason so we can understand. Also update your service page...yall said it would be resolved in under 14 hours....well that was YESTERDAY at 10 AM !!! What's the deal? Is this normal for AT&T to take this long?

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3 years ago

This is a customer-to-customer forum so nobody here can answer your specific question.


There are a million different reasons why your service could be down.  It doesn't take a major disaster to knock down service.  A number of my neighbors were down for about 8 hours last week.  It seems like a squirrel had made a nest in a tree and apparently didn't like the fact that the fiber was too close to the nest so the squirrel ate into the cable.  Had it been a different cable dozens of homes would have been affected and the outage could have easily been a couple of days.


Not to defend AT&T here (I'm often critical of their service and support), but estimates of service resumption are just that, estimates.  Sometimes a field tech gets into the problem they discover that there's more to it that originally thought. 


As far as you outage, it sure looks to me like they're acknowledging it....



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3 years ago

We can help with that outage problem, @Vennumz. We are sorry that your internet is out, but rest assured, our technicians are working around the clock to get this resolved.


We can’t provide a specific update on when the outage will be fixed. The majority of our outages are detected and fixed within a few hours. It looks like the outage in your zip code is particularly thorny. What we would recommend is entering your ZIP on our Outage tracker, and then signing into your account.


Once signed in, we will let you know if your address is still being impacted by the outage, as well as give you a text message notification once it’s fixed. If your account says the service to your address has already been restored, we’d recommend using our Troubleshoot and Resolve tool to troubleshoot your home network. Your Gateway may not have resynched to our system.


Thanks for bearing with us @Vennumz, we are doing everything we can to get everything up as quickly as possible. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Genevieve, AT&T Community Specialist

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