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Monday, November 28th, 2022 6:26 PM

Fiber 500 vs 1000 for Online Gaming

Is there a big latency difference with online gaming between the 500 and 1Gig fiber plan? I play on Pc and want to know if it is worth doing the 1gig plan. I am going to be living alone. 

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2 months ago

500 vs 1000 is bandwidth, how many people with how many devices issues….

latency is about time… how far away, thru how many different connections (peering agreements).

I would consider a car trip from Milwaukee to Orlando…. Does not matter how fast the vehicles max speed is (100 vs 200) traveling the same roads at the same time both should arrive at the desired location around the same time. Both would be subject to same road conditions, traffic flow, etc on the super highway what would be considered latency.

What causes latency?

The main cause of latency is distance. The longer the distance between the browser making the request and the server responding to that request, the more time it’ll take the requested data to travel there and back.

That’s why website visitors in the US will get responses back from a data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa (one of SiteGround’s data center locations) sooner than website visitors in Europe, for example.

Consider the following scenario: it takes 800ms for a browser to send a request to the server and 900ms for that browser to receive a response. In that case, the latency would be 1.7 seconds. 

what causes latency: calculating time for data to travel distance from browser sending a request to receiving it as 1.7 seconds

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Other causes of latency are the size of the requested resources and end user issues. For example, if a user requests a web page with lots of images, CSS and JS files, or content from multiple third-party websites, then it will take longer for the server to respond. Or a user might be using a device with low memory, a poor internet connection or another issue that is increasing the delay. 

What is a good latency?

Because latency is the time it takes for a request to complete a round trip between the browser and server, it can’t actually be zero. But ideally, it’ll be as close to zero as possible.

While a good latency, like a good bounce rate, is relative, anything less than 100 milliseconds is generally acceptable. The optimal range is even lower, between 20 and 40 milliseconds.

edit… if wanting to reduce latency only play games where the game server is close to you, not across the country or out of the country…. Sometime back someone posted about issues reaching game servers in Europe while being in the US, latency would be expected to be higher than playing to a game server in Chicago. 


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