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Saturday, September 30th, 2023 4:27 PM

Consistent outages

Every single day from 9AM to about 1PM my Internet is out.  We've had three techs look at everything, we've replaced the modem, and this is now the sixth day in a row.  We both work from home and this has cost me and my wife money.  I need a fix or I'm moving all of our accounts elsewhere.  This is


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2 months ago

Hi @bmason002, we understand the importance of a stable internet connection, and we're happy to assist you with this.


We are unable to give reports of an outage. Moving forward you are able sign up for text alert updates if there is a disruption in your area. 


Please sign in to get the latest info about outages affecting your AT&T services and enter your address.


You can check our website to check for internet outages.


For further assistance, you can reach to our support team.


Write back to us if you need any assistance.


JennieW, AT&T Community Forum Specialist.



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2 months ago

What type of gateway are you using? What type of service do you have (e.g., VDSL or fiber)?

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2 months ago

Type of service? 

Legacy DSL you purchased the equipment, 150G data cap, best speed internet 6

ADSL2, Uverse, single pair service, internet speed 18 or less

FTTN VDSL, Uverse, single or bonded pair service, speed 100, 75, 50, 25

FTTP, speed 300+

Cell Tower…

Fixed Wireless, antenna mount with wiring to equipment, speed 10+ depending on several factors.

If internet is out (7) days a week for approximately same (4) hours I would think environmental 

Anything unusually happening during this time not happening during other times of day?

Model number of equipment?

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