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Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 3:28 AM

BGW320 and BGW210

I currently have ATT fiber 1000mpbs internet plan.I’m currently using BGW320, but a couple days ago I received a BGW210 and a paper in the mail saying that I have to return the BGW320.Does anyone know why?

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10 months ago

Did you by chance change service tier, either up or down?  The AT&T Order Management system is mistakenly sending replacement gateways out when it should not be doing so.  It is likely that you couldn't use the BGW210 at all due to its lack of support for the way you are [likely] installed (with fiber directly into the back of the Gateway).

Return the BGW210 by taking it to a The UPS Store  or  FedEx Office (not a shipping depot or drop off location, but one of the two exact store brands mentioned) with your account number.  They should be able to accept the equipment as returned on your account and give you a receipt.  Hold on to that receipt like a winning Powerball ticket.

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