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Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 12:38 AM

BGW210-700 IP Passthrough to Asus AC3100 Getting Less Than Half Speed of 1000Mb/s Fiber Connection

I’ve read just about every forum and thread at this point and it seems like there might not be a solution, but thought I’d try and get some feedback.

What I Have:

  • AT&T BGW210-700 - verified 1000mb/s down

  • Asus AC3100

What I Did:

  • Reset both the BGW210 and AC3100 to factory default

  • Set BGW210 IPv4 to

  • Set BGW210 DHCPv4 to -

  • Enabled IP pass through to the AC3100.

  • Disabled all firewall advanced options on BGW210

  • Disabled packet filters on BGW210

  • AC3100 LAN is

  • Verified the IP on AC3100 is the same when checking “whats my IP” on google

  • All firmware is up to date​


  • When connected to 2.4Ghz I can only get ~80Mb/s down on any device.

  • When connected to 5Ghz I can only get ~480Mb/s down on any device.

I know that this router should be capable of getting the 1000Mb/s down that I’m getting from AT&T fiber. Any ideas on how I can get closer to that? I understand there will be some loss on WiFi but the 80mb/s and 480mb/s seems WAY too slow. Are there some additional configurations I’m missing?

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4 years ago

@cailensullivan did you turn off the WiFi in the bgw210? Tried different speedtest sites? Using updated firmware on the ASUS? Using the correct WiFi network? Any problems when on WiFi? If webpages load quickly and apps install quickly I wouldn’t be concerned. Yes 80 mb is slow but I wouldn’t complain about 480 mb.

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