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Saturday, June 17th, 2023 2:30 PM

Such a headache. Don’t do it

I figured I would become a new customer because services weren’t the greatest with my provider before. Let me tell you don’t do it if you work from home. I’ve had two different accounts, six different technicians come to my house, a manager that came by my house who won’t respond to none of my calls or texts after he tells me to contact him. He ignored my calls and texted me saying can he call me back. Never received a call. Tried to get services on may 9th here it is June 17 and still have no internet. My bill is due in 9 days and haven’t had any internet for even 9 days. Technician will come to my house and say someone MIGHT come out in a couple days if not give him a call. It’s so frustrating that it’s not even worth it anymore. I canceled my services and going to another provider again. My wire is still on the top of my house and my garage, which I’m confused because they’re suppose to bury it. I decided to cancel it all together because I couldn’t get any answers on what was going on. They just seemed like they just didn’t care and put my job at risk

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6 months ago

File an fcc complaint. If you work from home you should have 2 providers. One main and one back up. 

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