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Sunday, December 25th, 2022 7:22 PM

Sick of AT&T

I'm so tired of AT&Ts horrible customer service. It's ridiculous that the soonest we can schedule a technician is over a week and a half out. Having to check the app every 5 minutes in the hopes of finding an appointment sooner is not viable. We eventually found an appointment 5 days out, but four work days without service when you work from home is still completely unacceptable. AT&T is lucky to have a virtual monopoly in the area or we would drop them as an ISP in a second. We have already dropped their TV service due to similar issues, including continuing to charge us for U-verse after we switched to streaming and then failing to provide a refund after telling us they would MULTIPLE times. Eventually I just stopped trying because the painful experience of sitting on the phone for hours on end, explaining the situation over again, getting promised a refund and then never receiving said refund just wasn't worth the ~$500 AT&T stole from us. I can't wait until another viable option moves into the region so we can move on. Maybe some day we'll be able to make it through a whole year without a week+ long outage. Until then, we're stuck. Do better, AT&T.



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9 months ago

If you work from home and are really dependent on the Internet, get a business account for faster service since you don't have another provider for a backup. You're using a residential account, so you'll get the same service as someone who doesn't work from home. 

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9 months ago

If I understand you correctly…

no cable internet provider, cellular hotspot service, or satellite internet is available at your address?

I find that highly unusual, especially if had Uverse IPTV service, there is almost always a local cable company that services the same addresses where Uverse IPTV is or was offered. No Comcast, Spectrum, WOW, etc…

partial listing…

We've found 447 providers offering Cable service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Provider Est. Population Covered States Max Speed
Xfinity 107,885,715 41 1200 mbps
Spectrum 102,726,027 42 940 mbps
Cox Communications 21,628,964 20 1000 mbps
Optimum by Altice 8,240,218 17 1000 mbps
WOW! 7,174,627 9 50 mbps
Mediacom Cable 6,575,875 22 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by RCN 4,336,944 8 1000 mbps
Sparklight (formerly Cable One) 4,324,439 21 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by Wave 2,132,280 4 1000 mbps
Breezeline 1,917,975 13 1000 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by Grande 1,426,740 1 1000 mbps
Midco 1,409,175 5 1000 mbps
Vyve Broadband 1,295,573 16 1000 mbps
Armstrong 1,064,811 5 1000 mbps
Service Electric Cable TV 823,189 2 1000 mbps
TDS Telecom 778,169 12 1000 mbps
Blue Ridge Communications 619,803 1 1000 mbp



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9 months ago


We eventually found an appointment 5 days out, but four work days without service when you work from home is still completely unacceptable. 

This is a situation where there are 2 holiday weekends and the observed day is a week day so Techs also earn a week day off. That only leaves 10 possible work days for all new installs and repairs and other customers are scheduling new installs weeks in advance that take up the earlier service window. Great it looks like you found a cancelled appointment service window that you could snag.

Do you have an outage repair or a new install request?

As @spoom2 indicated you are using a residential Fiber entertainment offering for Business work. You should have a backup connection such as a Hotspot or a second ISP. Worst case a Business Account with a SLA if you depend on Internet for work at home.

As an example: I have AT&T Fiber 1000 and Comcast Xfinity (400/10) as a backup for my work at home situation.


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