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Monday, September 25th, 2023 11:47 PM

No ATT Home Internet for 10 days. Los Angeles 90032

On September 18 evening 

y home internet went off. I tried the Smart Home app recommendations without success. I reported it and was given an appointment for next day, Saturday. A guy came, checked the modem and wiring, said they were okay. He went outside and after like 30 minutes came back and told us it was an issue from a pole located about 2000 feet from our home. Next Monday another technician came and said the copper was stolen and it would take about 7 days to fix. It’s been now 10 days. I called ATT that same Monday asking to cancel the service. They convinced me to stay promising me they would update all the time about their progress. So far, no internet, no calls, text messages or emails updating about the issue. I have had to call or chat to get silly answers because they never know what is the issue. I have to explain every time what is going on and every time they tell me they have escalated the issue so a technician is going to come (they never confirm that a technician or technicians aside from the previous two I had contact with has/have already come). So there’s just no way to get a straight answer. They make me wait almost an hour just to say they can’t communicate directly with the supervisor in the area. They say they are gonna insist and call me in half an hour with an answer. I’m still waiting for them to call. 
What type of customer service is this? Stolen property is not their fault, but according to the technician that told me about it, this is happening every week so why is it taking too long for they to solve it? Why aren’t they prepared to give answers to a now very common issue like this? Why do they lie and make unkept promises? I had to contact my cell phone carrier and upgrade my data. My monthly service just started last Saturday and I have spent 7 gigas iPad a hotspot  with only 8 remaining. As things are going now, I m goma run out of data by Friday. Ok who is gonna compensate me for all this trouble? My God. I don’t even care. I just want my service for which I’m paying and they are very on time charging. Can I please get some help? Los Angeles, 90032. 

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3 months ago

We hear you, and happy to assist you @MarioV!


Upon checking, we see that there is an outage in your area and, our team is working on a fix as soon as possible.


You can check for outages by entering your Zip code and, sign in to find more details about it.


Sign up for updates about your outage, and we’ll also let you know when it’s over. Here’s how: 

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Get text updates now. (You’ll only get alerts for this outage, not future ones.

For more information please visit our website about Check for internet outages.


For further assistance, we are always here to help!


Nate, AT&T Community Forum Specialist.


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3 months ago

Hi. First of all, thank you for answering. This is the fastest response I get since this whole issue started. Let me tell you that I signed up for outage alerts since I opened my account and I have not received any. I just checked again an it says “All clear! No outages to report”. So I don’t know why you’re getting that and I’m not. I have also driven all around the area looking for ATT trucks or people working outside and I only saw them once. I don’t know what else to do. This is day 11 without service and without a straight answer. It would be good if ATT alert the ATT community to look out for vandalism of ATT wiring and materials and reported any suspicious activity. I’m sure if they knew as I know now how harmful this activities are for consumers, they would be on the look out. Thank you for contacting me. 

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