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Fri, Mar 18, 2022 12:45 AM

Fraud - reward card

I signed up for ATT Fiber just for the two reward cards and fast internet speeds. I’ve been a longtime customer via mobile and have never had any sort of issue so I’m shocked to be having an issue now. I received my two reward cards, one was $50 and one was $150. I used the $50 card. The $150 card I’ve been saving until I need it or find something I wanted to buy or had a bill I needed to pay. Someone who claimed to be from ATT texted and called me today, first by texting me asking if I had received my third gift card. I replied no. He then called me to “verify” my information and listed of all of my personal information such as my name, phone number, email, att account number, the service I had with att, and the value of my visa reward cards. I’m always extremely untrusting of people who call me due to the large amount of scammers out there, but usually a scammer will try to get information out of you, this guy didn’t. He already had it all, still not sure why he even called me since he already had the information he needed including all of the card numbers and details. All he had asked me was if I had received my third gift card. I said no and he said they would be adding it to my gift card I already had and that I would get a confirmation email. Next thing I know my $150 gift card had a zero balance. I did an online chat with att customer service and the lady reassured me that the reward center would issue me a new gift card and gave me the number to call. I call the number and they said there isn’t anything they can do and transferred me to the att fraud department. I explained everything to the att fraud department who then told me there isn’t anything they can do and told me I needed to talk to reward center and they transferred me back over there. The lady with the reward center told me the name on the transaction which was some foreign sounding name as well as a phone number and told me to call the number and see what I could get accomplished as the reward center can’t do anything which I find hard to believe. I call the number and a man answered and had no idea what I was talking about. Now I’m at a loss as to what to do next as I’ve spent hours today trying to get this resolved and have gotten nowhere. How hard is it to issue a new card? What is more concerning is how these people are getting ahold of our account numbers and info and card numbers. I know some info is public but some random person shouldn’t have my att account number and the entirety of the information of the rewards cards they’re mailing out. After reading some other posts this seems to be a serious and common issue and I’m shocked that att isn’t doing anything about it. May have to switch back to the other company I was with for internet if this isn’t handled properly as I’m now out the $150 reward card and my information has been compromised and so far att has done nothing to fix any of it. Not a very happy customer right now. 

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