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Monday, July 10th, 2023 6:54 PM

Fiber Internet dropping every 15 minutes. 100% packet loss every 1/4 hour

I was asked by @ATTHelp to make a brand new thread about what’s going on. So I’ll explain what’s been happening and what’s been done for trouble shooting so far.

To start I’ve had fiber for over 3 years now. Never had any real issues like this until now. Around June 2nd I noticed my internet was dropping out at times of the day while I was working. Tried resetting router/ont and figured it was just a glitch. Unfortunately it didn’t resolve the issue and started tracking my internet drops with a ping test while I slept. To my surprise I noticed my internet was dropping Every 15 minutes of every hour since then. Today is July 10th and it’s still happening. Constantly dropping every 15 minutes for 5 seconds each time. It has made working a nightmare and thankfully my work is understanding because it’s getting looked into and hopefully fixed very soon.

Now I would like to say what has been done and worked on to fix this problem. The techs have came out and showed me where my internet has dropped over 600 times. Every 15 minutes. Of every hour. Of every day.

1. they came out and replaced my line

2. Took out the ONT and ran fiber directly to my room

3. Changed out the splitter for the neighborhood.

4. Of course tried all the trouble shooting of resetting to factory settings, leaving things unplugged, etc.

So far nothing has worked. I’ve talked to multiple techs. Even gave one tech the link to this forum to try and escalate the situation. I’m still experiencing issues and NO ONE has any answers for me. No one knows what’s causing this issue and why it’s happening. Also would like to point out that it’s not just me. Both of my neighbors are also experiencing the drop in internet every 15 minutes. Also have read a few posts saying it’s happening in Chicago and Texas. I’m in South Carolina. It looks like Chicago and Texas have also been resolved but they aren’t sure how it got resolved. I’m assuming it’s something internal.

If anyone has anything to add please respond below. I’ve been very active on another post previous to this and we’re all trying to help each other and figure out the issue. 

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