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Saturday, August 26th, 2023 10:24 PM

Customer service?

I am highly likely to switch services based upon my most recent experience with AT&T customer service. Yesterday, my fiber service was cut by an AT&T contractor who was re-burying our neighbor’s AT&T fiber optic cable. I called for a repair appointment and was told it would be four days. I said that is absurd because AT&T was at fault as it was their contractor. So the customer representative said he would check again and gave me a much better appointment time for today. He read me the ticket number three times, adding a digit each time I read it back to him. Of course, no one showed up and when I called again, there was no record of any appointment. I wasn’t rude to him. I only said the situation (again) was “absurd.” I never got confirmation of the appointment after we hung up and I left work early to be home for the appointment.

Literally (and I am not exaggerating) every time someone from AT&T comes to our street to repair a line, one or more of us loses service. They finally installed conduit to protect the lines to part of the street, but they didn’t go all the way. In our yard, they had to re-bury our line (through no fault of ours) but buried the line EXACTLY where I showed them new construction was about to take place. We had to gently pull up 100’ of line and reroute it where it would be safe.

I’m sorry to say I might have to leave AT&T. I’m paying more for worse service than I got from Spectrum. Google Fiber has laid down their infrastructure in our neighborhood and Spectrum’s speeds are almost as good. 

What else are my options? Should I keep putting up with AT&T’s ridiculously poor infrastructure and then having to deal with their pathetic customer service (including giving me a fake help ticket number just to shut me up)? 

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4 months ago

So switch. AT&T isn’t responsible for a contractor 

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