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Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 6:46 AM

Consistency - outages & no support

Is there anyone that can provide any guidance on what I should expect as far as service? I'm consistently experiencing daily breaks in service and find that there is zero support available via chats or phone calls. The online service and app consistently tell me that I need a new modem this is modem I received a few weeks ago needs to replaced. Really just trying to come to terms with if I'm really experiencing this much of a degradation in service for a similar price point. Any wisdom or suggestions as to how I achieve the speeds that I pay for or have the service available consistently would be greatly appreciated.

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3 months ago

Define breaks in service. Lose Wi-Fi connection, lose all services, etc?What model gateway? Factory reset the gateway and see if that resolves your issues. Schedule a tech visit for a thorough check of service back to the PFP. 

I’ve had fiber for 5 years with the only break in service being from the buried line to my home being cut by electrical contractors. 

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