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Friday, March 10th, 2023 10:44 PM

$250 Visa for signing up to fibre will not be paid!! Thanks ATT

Nov 1 2022 my new fiber account is started and I begin receiving fiber at my new home. The service is good. I had choices and chose ATT for 2 reasons. $250 reards card for new customers and no contract.

 March 10, 2023, I am sitting in my office mind wandering on a Friday afternoon and think 'what the heck ever happened to that $250'?

I call customer service, "that is a Reward Center issue, I will transfer you". Reward Center person "sorry you are outside the reward window so no reward for you". I complain so get sent to a manager. While waiting a quick google search says this is a common problem. 

Manager - sorry you are outside 120 days so we can't help.

Me - explain the process

Manager - you would have recieved an email with a registration link and number, you then logon to rewards center and register for your reward. You have to register after 30 days and before 120 or else you no longer qualify.

Me - I never got an email

Manager - you would have

(while she is explaining this I search again on the forums and find that this frequently goes to junk email)

Me - ok, i got an email not from ATT 2 days after recieving service but from with the ATT info in the email. I use gmail - gmail has decent spam filters and this is going to get sent to spam everytime. I explain that to the manager.

Manager - you got the email so there is nothing we can do

Me - the email is not even from ATT

Manager - but you got it

If I had been daydreaming 2 weeks ago I would have qualified for my promised reward, but now am a few days too late.

Manager - customer retention can help you.

Customer retention - no we can't help this is a reward center problem

So, ATT uses a service to send out rewards center emails. ATT knows many of these emails get filtered by spam/junk filters. ATT will not correct the problem because if I don't claim in the timeframe they can say I did not complete according to the terms of the reward.

Mr. New Customer - please signup for ATT fiber, we will pay you $250 to do it. Our process for claiming is junk. We will send you an email immediately to register for claiming, you will likely never see the email because it will go to your junk folder. If you do see it and click to register it won't let you because you have to wait 30 days before the link will work. We are sending the link immediately hoping that in 30 days you will forget and miss the window. If it goes to junk email, you will never do anything unless one day you say, what happened to my reward? If you are a couple of days too late, sorry you did not fulfill the terms of the agreement so you are (Edited per community guidelines).

This whole reward process is designed to prevent claims from ever being compliant with the terms. By the way, the salesperson is supposed to tell you the terms or you are supposed to read the fine print on page 275 of the contract. So, Mr. Customer, thanks for signing up for ATT. Now we are going to do everything possible to prevent you from having a good experience.


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