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Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 8:19 PM

Trade in question

I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. 
 I am eligible for a trade in but my back glass is cracked. I was wondering how much my phone can be traded in for. I know it wouldn’t be the full amount I was just curious of how much I could get for it to go towards a new phone. 

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1 year ago

You can go through the trade in questions to get a value here.

However, you’ll have to answer no when you get to the question about the device being free of cracks.  They might not even accept a phone with a broken screen.  Also, if you bought the phone from AT&T, it has to be paid off.  They won’t take a trade in if you still owe them money on it.

It may be worth looking at the cost of repairing the screen before you try to trade it in.

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