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Sunday, October 25th, 2020 2:39 PM

The prices for iPhone 12 ( pro &pro max)

Dear Sir,

i hope you are doing well,

I am Mrs. Asala from Libya, i decided to contact with you to ask you about the new iPhone 12. 

I'm wondering about the price for each type , and im hoping to have some responses. as well i wanted to ask you if I'm going to buy from 3 to 4 devices how much it will cost me.

if you gave me a good price i will re-contact with you to ask you for request for quotation. and i will manage with shipping company to have full deal.

waiting for your kind reply

Best regards

[email scrubbed]

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3 years ago

Moved to wireless forum. Contact Apple. All iPhone prices are online on Apple’s website. You can not buy an iPhone 12 from ATT from Libya.

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3 years ago

You aren’t going to get a price discount for buying multiple phones.  In any case, US AT&T won’t ship overseas because the phone they sell are to be sold in the US only.  Also, all phones sold by AT&T are locked to AT&T, so they wouldn’t be usable in Libya anyway, and since they require a minimum time of active service with AT&T before they would approve an unlock, they couldn’t  be unlocked.

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