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Thursday, May 18th, 2023 5:44 PM

stolen cell phones

I am a business owner.  Three business cell phones were stolen.  AT&T says they can only suspend the phones for 90 days.  After which they will be reactivated.  They are STOLEN.

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7 months ago

Then get new phones and blacklist the stolen phones 

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7 months ago

Did you tell AT&T there were stolen, or did you just say you wanted them suspended?

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6 months ago

Suspension just affects the SIM card and prevents it from working in that device or any other device. Because you reported the phone's stolen they will be blacklisted and cannot be used anywhere.

The expectation is that you will replace the phones and reactivate the phone numbers with the new phones, un less than 90 days.  

After all you don't want to pay for service online's you cannot use, right?

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