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Fri, Jul 6, 2018 6:46 PM

Some Text Messages are missing or never received?

Some weird stuff started about 2 months ago...

Sometimes I'll get a text on my unlocked phone, and I see the notification, which stays on the screen for a few seconds, then slides up and disappears as normal.

Now - if I touch that notification BEFORE it disappears, it takes me to the text message, no problem.

But sometimes (maybe 10-20% of the time), if I don't touch it in time, and it disappears, I go into the text message area by tapping the text icon, and it's not there! It shows NO NEW TEXTS!

But if I slide down to show the notifications screen, I can see the notification there - and if I tap it, it takes me to the missing text message!

This is ONLY happening with texts that are sent via email (ie.

This is really frustrating! Is anyone else having this issue?


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4 y مضت

Hello @davidstoltz!

You can customize your phones email-to-text message preferences to control the messages you receive in various ways. It sounds like your message preferences are set to block or allow email-to-text from specific email addresses ( or specific domains (

You can check your settings by creating an AT&T Messaging Center account. Once you have created your account:

  1. Sign in to the AT&T Messaging Center
  2. Select Preferences > Blocking Options.
  3. In the Email delivery control section, select or deselect the following to control messages delivered to your Inbox:
    • Block all text messages sent to you as email (+or)
    • Block all multimedia messages sent to you as email
  4. In the Mobile number control section:
    • Select Block to block messages sent to your device's default email address. You can still receive messages sent to your custom email address.
    • Select Do Not Block to deliver messages sent to your device's default email address.
  5. In the Allow List, enter up to 250 email addresses ( or domains ( from whom you want to receive messages.
  6. In the Block List, enter up to 250 email addresses ( or domains ( from whom you do not want to receive messages. You can remove these at any time.
  7. Select Submit

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist



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4 y مضت

Thanks! I created an "allow" item for the domain that sends it....hopefully I will start receiving them all now.


Thanks again!

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