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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 9:40 PM

"no service" message suddenly appears on phone for which account fully paid

Tags: no service, account locked, remote ATT support fails


A "no service" message appeared several days ago on an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6.  User has confimation that account is paid through December 9, 2016.  Physical location of phones (I have two lines) is unchanged. I cannot:

1. Log into ATT account.  It is locked.

2. Create a new userid ID password combination.

3. Resolve issue using internet support troubleshooting functions.

4. Get through to ATT "chat" function, which requires user login.


Thus: Service is not available.  ATT internet support functions all failed.  ATT "chat" help function is not available. 



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7 years ago

If your account is locked, how have you confirmed that your account is paid in full until Dec 9?


I would suggest that you call AT&T customer service to speak with them about why your account is locked, and why you have no service.  I suspect that the two issues are related, and an AT&T person will be the best to help you address this.  If you don't have a telephone to call from, download a free Voice Over IP program like Skype and make a toll free call to AT&T using that.

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