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Saturday, September 30th, 2023 2:41 AM

iphone Upgrade

Ok so, I recently bought the iphone 14 Pro Max and I bought it under a family members upgrade that is on my line instead of my own. The phone is for me I want to use it. So when setting up the phone it asked to confirm the number the phone was bought for but this isn’t my number. Is there anything I can do around this time of night to fix this?

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2 months ago

You have to activate the phone on the line it was intended for (not your number).   This will deactivate the SIM on that phone number.  Your number will still be active on your older phone, their phone number will be activated on the brand new phone.

And then do the shell game to switch the numbers back.

Not as easy as it was with a physical SIM card but the ESIMs are easy to switch. If the other phone line in question requires a new physical SIM card that you will have to get at an AT&T store.

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2 months ago

Hello @nylahjai_, we're here to help you.

We suggest that copy your contact information to your new SIM card before you replace the old one.

1. On the homepage, from the list on the taskbar, select Change IMEI or SIM/ICCID.
2. Enter the wireless number for the device you want to update, and then click Go. The Change IMEI or SIM/ICCID page appears.

3. In the SIM/ICCID field, enter the 20- or 21-digit number of the new SIM card (ICCID) without spaces, and then click Continue. A verification page appears make sure that the information is correct, and then click Submit. A confirmation page appears.

4. Save the request number for your records.

Let us know if this info helps!

Thank you,
Susan, AT&T Community Specialist 

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2 months ago

To be clear, once you activate the installed SIM on the new phone, that will kill the SIM in your family member’s phone, so you both need to understand and be ready to do the SIM swap as soon as you activate the new phone.

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