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Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 10:28 PM

iPad Carrier Visibility Request


Please use the following thread for reference:

- I’d like to submit a request for carrier visibility so I can view and select another cellular providers on my iPad Pro 4th Gen

- This is not the same as device unlocking.  The iPad is already SIM unlocked, it is the eSIM that is showing AT&T as the only option.

- The device is paid off, it is not blacklisted, it is not reported lost/stolen, and all other requirements for unlocking have been met.

- On 7/27/19 user Sdunk1 inquired about the same question and ultimately had his issue resolved and you can see the thread here:

-IMEI and other device data available upon request in direct message :).

His last quoted response stated: "This was a success! I can confirm, after the customer service representative searched their database for “carrier visibility” and followed the instructions, creating a ticket with the “back office” the full list of carriers available on the Apple sim showed up almost immediately."

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