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Monday, February 7th, 2022 9:01 PM

Installment placed on a currently owned phone.

How can the owner of an AT&T account place an installment plan on a phone that is owned outright?

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ACE - New Member


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2 years ago

If your phone did not have a payment on it, they may have used your line to purchase a new phone for themselves. I believe it's called a cross upgrade.

ACE - Master


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2 years ago

Can you provide more details?  No one can just put an installment plan on a phone that’s already paid off.  Either you buy the phone on an installment plan, or you buy it paying full price at the time of purchase.

ACE - Sage


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2 years ago

As @SoloTX  wrote. Probably upgraded your line.  Talk to the others on your plan

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