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Friday, September 29th, 2023 11:20 PM

Help...AT&T Doesn't have the Common Sense to Activate their Own Cell Service

I signed up for a new account: 4 BYOD lines and home internet. 

The AT&T employee verified my ID in person and ran a credit check which came back as “very good to exceptional” (800+) When they got to the last step, they simply said, “I’m sorry your account wasn’t approved for activation. I have no further information to give you, goodbye” and hung up. This happened TWICE.

I don’t understand why their process is so broken and NOBODY can help. The customer service line was no help (5+ HOURS & 21 customer service reps [and counting] I’ve talked to on the phone). The in-store corporate store couldn’t help. “They just said, yeah, that happens a lot” and there's nothing we can do.

This is crazy!!!!   We are a high-income family (>175K) with excellent credit (800+) and AT&T just says “sorry you’re not approved. Goodbye” 

What am I missing??  How can nobody at AT&T have the ability to approve a simple phone line???

This never happened in 25 years at Verizon.  There is always someone with a brain and common sense who is reachable to help if the first line of customer service doesn’t work. 

Why would anyone choose AT&T if this is the "service" you get???

ACE - Sage


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2 months ago

So which 'AT&T employee' was this did that did the initial approval?  If your account was started by an in-home expert the in-home expert is the one that has to complete it including getting your phones activated with new SIM cards.

They are essentially a separate independent department.  

Weren't you giving a business card by the in-home expert?  Text or call him/her.  

Community Support


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2 months ago

Hi @joebeal79, we're here to help!


To answer your question, please try to sign up for a new account online, if nothing works please visit the AT&T store to get more details.


Thank you,

Dominic, AT&T Community Specialist

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