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Monday, June 5th, 2023 12:17 PM

Carrier Visibility

I want to sell my AT&T iPad to a non AT&T person. It's been paid off more than a year and when I speak to advanced tech, they tell me carrier visibility isn't necessary.

I'm so confused! I've read other posts here that say it's required. Why isn't AT&T familiar with this? 

This is the last part of my Convo with advanced tech support:

Alex: I would like to inform you that AT&T doesn't locks tablets and to get the carrier visibility all you need to do is activate esim services or insert non-AT&T sim in your iPad and it will work for you.
Me: Thanks for checking
Alex: You are so welcome.
Alex: I am sorry for taking much time of yours on this. I appreciate your patinence.
Alex: For future reference, please save and bookmark to troubleshoot cell phone service issues
Me: I see in the forum that it says when people put the sim in, or try to set up esim, their carrier doesn't show up -- hence the need for carrier visibility
Alex: Kindly ignore as the iPad isn't to AT& you can use any non-AT&T services on it , Reset assured.
Alex: I assure you that the carrier visibility will work on your iPad.

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4 months ago

We're here to assist you with your carrier visibility Icydius.


We do have two quick questions first, as there are some requirements when it comes to carrier visibility request. Please let us know:

  • If you have an active AT&T account. An active, current AT&T is required in order to unlock your carrier visibility. 
  • If you're currently paying the iPad off, or if it's paid off. Your tablet will need to be paid off in order to unlock it's carrier visibility. 

Please share this information with us, so we can discuss further in a DM, if needed.

Marilyn, AT&T Community Specialist

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