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Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 2:25 AM

Can I unlock a replacement phone immediately after receiving it

I am switching carriers from AT&T soon because I am moving and all three of my devices on the plan are paid off and unlocked but I have a phone that is broken so I need to file and insurance claim. My only worry is that when I get the replacement phone it will be locked because when I called 611 and spoke to someone they said it would be locked for 90 days but when I called asurion they said they send it unlocked. So I just want to make sure I can get a replacement for my broken phone that I will be able to unlock without being forced to stay with AT&T for more months

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3 months ago

Hello there!

To answer your question, if you have no pending installments, then you will receive an Unlocked Device. 

Otherwise, pre-closure of the installments will be your First Step to Unlocking Your Device.


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Ken, AT&T Community Specialist.


ACE - Sage


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3 months ago

You will have to call AT&T and make sure they update the IMEI to that of your replacement phone.

⚠️There have been cases where replacement phones were not unlockable. So you need to figure out within asurion's return window if you can unlock the replacement. If there's any problem unlocking the replacement, you need to communicate with asurion immediately for another replacement that is unlockable

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