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Saturday, November 26th, 2022 6:49 AM

Blacklisted phone

I turned in an insurance claim over a year ago after my husbands phone went missing. I let him borrow one of my phones in the meantime. I was delivered a phone by a very rude young man. The phone did not work after I set it up. My daughter then lost service. Her phone was shut off because they put the replacement on her line to which I didn’t ask for. She didn’t need a phone. It took two hours to get assurion back on the phone. They finally sent the same rude young man with a second phone. He was even more ignorant the second time. My daughters phone was turned back on and the second phone was successfully set up on his line. I was left with the first phone they sent. I was given packaging to send it back to which I did or so I thought. The replacement phone looked identical to my extra phone. I mailed the phone back and never received my 200.00 deposit back. The replacement phone we kept had horrible issues and it was impossible to get ahold of your insurance company. I tried for many months. Today while cleaning out my room I found what I thought was my phone. I realized it wasn’t my phone after a while. It is blacklisted. The phone I returned to you was mine. No one bothered to context me and let me know. Instead you kept my phone and my 200.00 and I have an unusable phone. I want this phone removed from your blacklist or my phone and my 200.00 returned. How do go about this? I’ve called AT&T numerous times and have been left on hold for hours. 

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2 months ago

I guess you don't know how Asurion Insurance works. Because the $200 was not a deposit it was a deductible. Every time you make an insurance claim you pay a deductible just like when you have a car accident and your car needs repair.   Deductibles are not refundable.

Whenever you make a claim on a phone whether it's damaged lost or stolen, the phone that you make the claim on is blacklisted. The phone is also supposed to be returned to the insurance company if possible.

You mixing up phones is on you. 

AT&T cannot help you.  AT&T did not bill you $200 and AT&T did not Blacklist the phone. 

Asurion did. 

AT&T passes through the billing for Asurion and it is Asurion that billed you $200 deductible and it is Asurion that has blacklisted the phone and will not remove it from The Blacklist because it replaced the phone.

Asurion is not AT&T.  

Asurion provides insurance through most US service providers including at&t, t-mobile, verizon, Amazon, Samsung and many other big box stores that sell some sort of insurance protection.   If you don't understand the insurance policy or how it works, ask. If you don't like it, don't use it and pay for your own Replacements and repairs at full cost.   


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2 months ago

Let's get to the bottom of your blacklist experience @Lisalisa724


AT&T works hard to protect customers from having their information stolen. As an extra layer of security If there's an error with a blacklisted IMEI that requires removal, review the following to  determine the root cause:

  • Was the device reported lost in transit? If so, AT&T can't remove the device from the blacklist and we advise to return the device to AT&T.
  • Did you purchase the device at a AT&T sales location? You must return to the point of sale with their documentation to resolve blacklist issue.
  • Was a claim started on the device through insurance? If the claimed device is found and they want to use the claimed device, you must return the replacement device.

Thank you, @formerlyknownas for the information provided. In addition, if your device has been blacklisted and then since been removed from the list. You may need a replacement SIM to connect to our network.

  • We ship most new devices with the SIM card inserted in your device and activated.
  • Make sure to use the SIM card that came with your new device or order a new one. If you use another SIM card, you may not be able to use some features of your new phone.
  • Pick up a SIM from our AT&T store or reach out to us to get a new one. 

Furthermore, if you feel that the device was added to the blackist by mistake. We can assist in a DM to take a closer look into your device IMEI. Thank you for contacting AT&T Community Forums.


Alasani, AT&T Community Specialist

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