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The new iPad Pro & iPad Air!
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Friday, October 16th, 2020 12:46 AM


2020 iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro - Ordering MegaThread!

2020 iPhone 12/12 Pro Ordering MegaThread!

It's that time of year again!!!


You can preorder the iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro on Friday, October 16, while the iPhone 12 mini & iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available next month on Friday, November 6.


Ordering starts at 05:00 AM, Pacific Time (07:00 AM CST / 08:00 AM EST).


Let's get this thread started so we can keep track of ordering issues, etc. Set your alarm clocks and happy hunting!


iPhone 12 colors:


iPhone 12 Pro colors:





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4 years ago

I believe that if the order status is “ready to ship”, it can’t be cancelled.  If it’s just “in progress”, you can still cancel.

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4 years ago

Wow, huge hassle on pre-ordering to upgrade one of the lines on my account. Not pointing any fingers, just objectively stating the chain of events.

Pre-ordered morning of 10/16 to be shipped to my brother's apartment, with a trade-in. Used my credit card to pay for taxes. I entered in the dates and credit card information. Fast forward 10 days and we find out the phone was shipped to my old apartment and a different card of mine was used. To try to make some sense of it, the old address was the address per my profile, and the wrong credit card that was charged was the default billing card.

After hours on the line with AT&T, the phone line being blacklisted for 48 hours, a trip to the store, etc. and this is still ongoing. Now being told the phone cannot be returned under the trade-in program since the promotional period is over. 

From my point of view, very fragmented customer service that don't seem to know what's going on. Very, very surprised at this and didn't realize from the 10+ years as an AT&T customer.

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4 years ago

Hello guys,

In Nov 14 2020 i ordered 4 iphone 12 pro max for our family with trade in.

Shipping dates showed nov 23- dec 1. up to now same shipping date showing online but Partially Cancelled.

I did not cancel anything.

Anybody here can help me with my order?



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3 years ago

I look on these forums to see what I can expect at times when I order a new device, and none of the things have ever happened to me before...until this time. I ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pacific Blue & 512gb. As soon as I made the order, it had my estimated shipping dates starting from today until Monday. No big deal, until something told me to go look at the shipping dates on the site right after I ordered. It has a February date for two weeks from now. I called to verify that my particular order would be shipped in the timeframe given and I was assured that I would be. First of all, I spoke to two people and neither one of them I could understand because of their language accent. That’s neither here nor there. I asked if my order was being shipped on time and was told yes. Even said I could get it that NIGHT. I had never heard of such. I don’t even think they do anything past the basic information from their ordering status. I kept having a bad feeling about it and so I dialed *6737# & low and behold, the phone is on backorder. I just wanted them to be transparent with me so that I could simply cancel the order and order a different color (I wanted gold but it’s backordered to MARCH on their site). I have to do some light travel for work and I wanted to have the phone before I left. I completely canceled the AT&T order and ordered it through Apple. The phone will be here on Monday and YES, I have my tracking info with Apple. I’ll still be paying AT&T, but this is definitely a great option if Apple has the kind of phone you want & will be shipping in good timing. My money was instantly taken off hold, so that was a good thing too. To be honest, that’s probably how I will do it from now on, should I upgrade again in the next couple of years. I was very disappointed that AT&T’a reps lied to me. If the phones are on backorder, they need to be honest and put that on the website as well. This was my one bad experience, but luckily I was able to fix it MYSELF & still get what I want. 

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