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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 6:48 PM

Using T-mobile phone on AT&T.

So T-mobile is offering LG G3 really cheap with no contract. I would like to unlock it and use it on AT&T. My question is whether it would work on AT&T properly? I heard that AT&T have a lot of same bands as T-mobile but there are slight differences. Before deciding on the purchase,I have to make sure that the connection won't suffer as I use my phone daily on train and busses.

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9 years ago

you wont get LTE in all areas with it.  it supports 2,4 bands and says you can roam on 7,17 but what it does not say if 17 is active.  


ATT uses bands 2,4,5,17 for LTE with 4 and 17 being the biggest bands used.



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9 years ago

Just buy the phone from At&t and have it unlocked by a thrid hassle for a few dollars more.



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9 years ago

You shouldn't have any problem using T-Mobile phone on att network, as long as is unlock.

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