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Friday, March 3rd, 2023 12:41 AM

Unlocked Phone that will support AT&T wifi calling

We have two phones, one contracted 36 month iPhone, 15 months left.

My phone is a Blackberry Keyone.  I get horrible reception at my house and miss important calls.  The phone is useless.

The iPhone gets perfect reception with wifi calling.

I want to purchase an unlocked Phone for my AT&T account that will support the AT&T wifi calling.  I do not want to extend my contract with AT&T by purchasing and locking myself in to another 36 month contract.

I want the option when the iPHone expires to choose my providers based on pricing and services.

I was looking at buying a Google Pixel 7, or 7 plus, or perhaps a cheaper Motorola, Android to replace the Keyone.

Ideally it needs, 5g, wifi calling, 512GB memory.

What are my options?????


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7 months ago

Yeah I'm sorry you got some confusing information.

@GLIMMERMAN76  made it simple.

AT&T has automatically white listed the US versions of unlocked Samsung flagships and Google flagship phones.  They gets treated The same as an unlocked iPhone. Full functionality.

Occasionally there's another phone that works, but typically only Samsung and Google go through the trouble of making sure their phones are completely compatible.

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7 months ago

to add a cheap pixel a series phone or a samsung a53 will get wifi calling.

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