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Monday, November 20th, 2023 3:34 AM

Someone gave me a Password locked phone

The person who gave me the phone is not around anymore or I would just ask for the password. It's locked so I can't get in it to even find out what kind of phone it is or what the IMEI number is. I don't have the box, it's not on the tray and the battery is not removable so I'm kinda stuck. I just want to get in the phone so i can factory reset it and start fresh. 

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9 days ago

I guess their really wasnt really a question in there was there.. How do I get past the pin lock and or find the IMEI? 

ACE - Expert


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9 days ago

Some phones have a way to hard reset with certain button combination while powering on the phone. Would need to know make and model to find that out.

Though the battery is not removable, is the phone completely sealed? If not you can get some info by removing the back cover. If fully sealed, then details about the phone would normally be etched on it. Just do not post the IMEI in this forum as that is private to your phone and don't want that listed in a public space. But you can use the IMEI to decode what phone it is.

If that fails, then you would need the original owner's assistance unlocking it.

Community Support


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9 days ago


We got you, let's get this sorted out.


As our ace mentioned, some devices have a way to hard reset. In order for us to help, you would need to know the device's make and model.

In this case, the only option is to reach out to the owner of the device for assistance in unlocking the device.


Please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

Thank you for reaching out to us on AT&T Community Forums


JamesR, AT&T Community Specialist

ACE - Sage


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8 days ago

If it's pin code locked it's probably also account user locked and it could even be blacklisted. As long as someone gave it to you there's no loss. If you spent money on it you probably got ripped off.

   Probably better off getting your own phone

ACE - Master


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8 days ago

If the screen is locked on the phone, you may be able to reset it, but that would depend on what model phone it is.  If there is anything related to an account, like with AT&T, Apple, or whatever, you would need to provide account credentials to the related companies, which I’m guessing you don’t have.

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