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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Friday, September 15th, 2023 3:33 AM

My pixel 7pro same question

  Unlock phone,Email me 

We can’t unlock this device until the former owner removes it from their AT&T account.
Help me resolve it

ACE - Sage


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3 months ago

Without more information, how the heck is anyone supposed to help you? Are you the person who's old account is still tethered to the phone because you canceled without unlocking it? Or moved to an AT&T MVNO and didn't need to unlock it?

If you purchased this phone second hand, only the original owner can remove it from the AT&T account. AT&T isn't going to do it on your say so You have to contact the seller

Community Support


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3 months ago

Hi @simon0230, we're here to help you in unlocking the device.

Like the Ace @formerlyknownas mentioned, we need more information to unlock the device. If the device was purchased second hand, the original owner can get in touch with AT&T and unlock the phone.  

Please get back to us with all the details, so that we can take it further.

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Antony. Community Specialist

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