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Thursday, January 4th, 2018 4:47 PM

Huawei Honor 7x call issues

I recently got a Christmas gift :

Huawei Honor 7x phone; 4GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

Model :BND-AL10

EMUI Version: 5.1

Android Version: 7.0

GSM unlocked brand new in the box. 


It's a great phone and love all the features. Every things works great - apps, messaging, camera and all EXCEPT what a phone is intended for which is making and receiving calls !!  When you dial a number, it will say dialing and after a minute it comes back to the home screen with no error messages. If you try calling to the phone, it goes to the voice mail after a few rings. There is nothing to tell that there is an incoming call. The mobile data connects and I am able to connect to the internet not using the WIFI. 


The only thing about this phone is that it was not bought in the U.S but got it as a gift from someone who had gone to Shanghai in China. The phone has been restarted a dozen times. It's not an issue with the SIM card since the same SIM works on a different phone. Interestingly, a different AT&T SIM which works on a separate phone still has the same problem on the Honor 7x. Does anyone know if there is any setting that needs to be changed to get this to work ? 



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6 years ago

I am too getting this issue. Is there any solution anyone found yet?

ACE - Professor


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6 years ago

BND AL10 is for sale in Mainland China market.They are not suppose for use in USA.

Since you got it as a gift,you got nothing to lose.

But next time when you paying for this brand name or buying phones from Mainland China,

you need to asked for international version .

This does not apply to cell phones sold in Hong Kong,Macau and Taiwan (China).

ACE - Sage


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6 years ago

Unfortunately that model has one 3g band of 2 required and one LTE band for US carriers.  

The L24 model sold for the USA would work as designed. 

You could sell that one and buy the US version.




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5 years ago

Just recently I'm unable to call out or receive calls.  It seems something seizes the line with the first outgoing call after complete shut down.  After the first call, I get the pop-up message "Audio call ongoing".  In order to make or receive calls after that, I have to completely shut the phone down and then restart it.





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