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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 4:39 AM

AT&T Phone Has Weak Signal On Straight Talk Service

My friend recently gave me his unlocked Galaxy Note 3 from AT&T. Before he gave it to me, he had his service with Straight Talk on it. Once I had gotten the phone I went out and set up the phone with Straight Talk as well. Ever since, I have had terribly weak signal, where as I asked my friend if he's had the same issues with the phone and he said he didn't have any problems with signal at all. What is going on here?

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6 years ago

Good Morning @Kaywar,

I am sorry to hear you have a weak signal on your phone.  It is difficult for a phone to work efficiently when our cell phones are not working to capacity.

When a phone is unlocked, the phone becomes available for use on any carrier.  It is not considered to be just an AT&T phone anymore.  Since you have your service through Straight Talk, my suggestion is for you to notify Straight Talk.   This way  the signal issue can be resolved. 

I hope this helps.

Donna V, AT&T Community Specialist

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