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Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 4:50 PM

Unlocking a pre-paid phone. No longer have an ATT account

We have an iPhone 7 Plus that is locked to the ATT network. The phone had been used on a prepaid ATT account for 5 months, and is now serviced by a different provider that utilizes ATT network/sim. I understand that ATT prepaid phones are locked until they reach 6 months of pre-paid service. This phone belongs to my senior father.

What are my options to having this phone unlocked? Can I pay for one additional month (to reach 6 months minimum) of pre-paid service to qualify for unlocking?

I've gone into the my local ATT store, but they are "unable to assist" and recommend that I call ATT Prepaid customer support. When I call Prepaid, the automated system does not provide me with any option to speak with a human and hangs up. Please advise. TIA

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1 year ago

No, you can’t just pay for another month. Your only option is to complete the 6 months of continuous prepaid service and unfortunately if you were to go back to ATT prepaid, the 6 month clock starts over. 

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