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Thursday, December 22nd, 2022 2:42 AM

Prepaid account payment

I made a payment on December 15th but it was not applied to my plan. However my balance went down from $60 to $20. My plan value is 40 so it shows like the money was used but it did not apply to my plan. What can I do?

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11 months ago

Do you have service? If you have had service since December 15th then everything is working correctly.  If you paid $60 on December 15th and 40 was deducted and you don't have service then there's a problem

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11 months ago

Why do you think the $40 was not applied to your plan? 

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11 months ago

We want to make sure your payment went towards your PREPAID plan, Midessa23.


We'd like more context about what's going on with your PREPAID account and service. Our ACEs formerlyknownas and sandblaster ask good questions, do you have service or is there something going else on with your plan?


We recommend checking your PREPAID data balance either by dialing *777# on your phone or logging into your account and viewing your data usage in the Account History section to know if your data balance was renewed. Also, try power cycling your device if you don't have service, as this may be why it seems like your plan wasn't renewed.


Please let us know if this helps.

Dylan, AT&T Community Specialist


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