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Friday, May 19th, 2023 3:20 PM

could i use a different sim card and transfer the phone number to it

my phone broke cant use the screen my att 4 pin wont work and it says its still set to the pin for when i activated it but i don't have that pin saved i changed it but its not getting verified. my contact email is also not working my number is not getting verified even though i have everything saved online on my email account. but none of the info is working so now i still have a sim card active for 1 more day. i want to switch my phone service to another one but still have the same phone number so that i don't have to go and change any of my payments or email verifications or to tell all the people to add a my new phone number. i did it and it took a month just to get everything set to my new number. sorry for the long complaint but i'm mad i paid this number for 6 months without fail but now it does.

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4 months ago

Take the SIM card out of your broken phone and insert it into your new phone simple as that 

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