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Monday, April 29th, 2019 11:14 AM

Cancel prepaid card

I recently travelled to US and bought a prepaid card, now I've returned to Melbourne, Australia, but just realised I've been charged another $40, so I think it's set up as auto-charge, and I need to stop it. I know I can contact my bank to block the credit payment but I'm a bit worried that I'll get some dishonest record in US, so I'd like to ask if there's a better way of cancelling the service.


When I bought the number in an AT&T shop, I got a mobile phone number (starts with 907), a card with text "Rethink Possible" on top left, there's an "RS#" number, "SKU" number, "UPC" number as well as "ICCID" number. I don't know what's needed and who should I contact in order to cancel it?


I tried to register for an account but the website shows prepaid cannot register something account.


Thanks a lot!

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4 years ago

If you won’t cancel your card, your only other option to stop autopay is to call. If you choose to call, the following info is from customer support:

Customers in these situations need to call one of two numbers:

     Outside of the U.S. - 1-314-925-6925 - The agent can call them back at their number so they don't rack up big toll charges.

     Inside the U.S. -  1-800-901-9878

English and Spanish spoken.  It's possible - depending on the agent they reach - they may be transferred within the company.

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