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Tue, Aug 16, 2022 1:02 AM

Surprising bill and Hidden Information

We, five active duty military officers of Fort Leavenworth, went to AT&T store of Leavenworth. We wanted to take connections as part of a package with military discount.

  1. Military discount. Right from the beginning, we showed our military ID to Mr. Jerry [EDITED], the consultant of the store and took connections accordingly. But, we received the first bill where we didn't find any military discount. When we came back to the office they were sorry that forgot to make the military discount. 
  1. AT&T plan. We talked with Mr. Jerry [EDITED]about the plan to pay for each sim card $22.5 plus taxes. He mentioned about the taxes that it should be around 10 percent from the plan price. We received the first bill with the due of $60 plan charge and more then $15 fees, surcharges and taxes (26 percentage) per each card.
  2. Activation fee. We asked not to include the activation fees for the sim cards. The activation fee is on the bill and they told they can't take this fee off the bill. We talked with the officers who made the contract with AT&T before, and they told us that the activation fee was removed from all their bills as honour the active duty military.
  3. AT&T compatibility with other cell phones. Not all the phones that we had were compatible with AT&T service and Mr. J. [EDITED] gave us the offer to exchange our current phones for S22. We asked that we will deploy outside the US after one year. So we asked what would be the price for the phone when we quit using AT&T network after one year. The Consultant told us that we need to pay only the tax $60 He assured us that we should be able to unlock the cell phone. After one year before we quit using the network we need to call 611, they will unlock the phone, and we don't need to pay anything because we exchanged our cell phones.

When we came next time to activate the sim card before opening the new cell phone S22, we double-checked with the manager of the Leavenworth AT&T store and we received significantly different information. He told us that if we quit using the AT&T network after one year, we should pay almost $500. We agreed that we don't take this proposal and won't take the cell phone. The consultant opened the box of the new cell phone, took off the sim card and promised to give the tax of $60 back. AT&T reimbursed only $5 to Antanas [EDITED](Card number ending [EDITED]).

  1. The solution of the issues. The AT&T store of Leavenworth didn't give any solution to how we could solve this situation. The manager told that Mr. Jerry [EDITED]is a new consultant at the store, and he didn't know all the information. He sought an excuse for the situation but didn't give any recommendations for solving the problem.

Our request. We are five international officers that were deceived and received misleading information in the store. We received the bill with charges that are totally different what was told at the office. We didn't leave any feedback on the AT&T website and Leavenworth AT&T store, and we want to find the best solution in this situation before taking any further steps. In this situation, we see the best solution that you would cancel the contract and change the bill according to the agreement we made at the store. We also ask to reimburse the rest of $55 for the phone that we didn't open.


The current connections are (Edited per community guidelines) and (Edited per community guidelines)

[EDITED per Community Guidelines]

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Hello @Muhammad Zunaeed,

Please be mindful about sharing your personal details like, Phone number, email id, IMEI number, account number, last name, Credit/Debit card number, order number, Driver licence details, address. This is a public forum and your privacy is very important to us. As per AT&T Community Forum's guidelines your personal details will be scrubbed. Have a great day!

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Just skip to the end... 

1.  Discount eligibility is always verified before it will appear on your bill. Military and veterans discount is retroactive,  but may take 2 bills to show.

2.  AT&T cannot do anything about the taxes and fees, they are what they are and our pass-through to federal,  State and local governments.

3.  The activation fee will not be credited until your military discount is verified

4.   You should know how the SCRA  works.

The second person you spoke to in the store was incorrect. The first one wa correct. So nothing to resolve. 

5.  We are five international officers

Wait?   What?    Are you US military?

Everything you were told applies to US military. If you are not US military you are just regular civilians as far as AT&T is concerned. Please explain...




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hard to follow

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