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Monday, September 25th, 2023 8:37 PM

Is its ATT or is is a Fraudulent Person who works for ATT

I spent 1hr 20 min on the phone with a rep to upgrade to the new iphone 15.  i paid off my balance as instructed.  I picked the color and the GB then i was told now i need to pay the tax on my phone of $108.87  i gave her the same card again she charged my account then comes back to tell me she has to do it again, bc the system times out.  But i have an alert for the charges on my account of $108.87.  I said im not paying this again, so i asked for a supervisor, she refused to give me a supervisor and cameback to the line to tell me what the supervisor is going to tell me.  Finally i said i have to go now, she tell me someone will call me back.  I wait 4 hrs no one called me back,  i just called to check on the order, no order was placed for the new phone but i have to wait 2 days for the charges to be return to my card and if and when i want to upgrade i will certainly need anther 2 hrs to go thro this again over the phone, has anyone experience this type of poor service with ATT.  They're sitting on my charges that they charge my account but i have to wait for this return and i didn't get the new phone i waited an hr and a half to get

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3 months ago

The way it works is taxes sit on your account as pending until the phone actually ships. Depending charges drop off and real charges for the taxes are charged.

If you're not happy with the process through AT&T then buy somewhere else. You can always purchase through Apple with AT&T financing

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2 months ago

Hey there! We hear you. This isn't the kind of experience we would want you to have with us.


Do not worry! Since the charges will be returned to your account soon, you can look into alternate methods to place the order for the device upgrade: 

1) You can visit your nearest AT&T authorized store. Please note that this will depend on the availability of stocks in the store.

2) You can also Place An Order Online for ease of mind and access.


You will not have to wait the same amount of time when replacing this order either, since you've already completed the eligibility requirements!


Do reach out if you have any other concerns or questions for us.

Thank you for visiting AT&T Community Forums!

MikeN, AT&T Community Specialist.


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